So your into the second or third month into your program and you’ve been following the plan rigidly, ok, so you may have skipped a few meals or over indulged a couple of takeaway days, but on the whole your exercising routine has been stable. So why are you not losing the weight? A couple of answers here for you: a) your body has gotten used to the level of calories and exercise and energy levels needed on a day to day basis.b) your not drinking enough water – water is really important for weight loss, it helps to break down fat, and also to get rid of toxins in the body from exercise and from pollution.c) your not eating the right amount of calories – as you lose weight, you need to adjust the number of calories you need.So how do you get over this plataeu?Well every third to fourth week you should be changing your diet program or exercise program either eat less and do more exercise, or do more exercise and eat at different times, different levels of calories. This will confuse the body, and will release more energy (fat) as it needs it, then the weight will start to come off. Consult with your nutritionist or GP for further advise on this.Drink lots and lots of water where possible, as this helps on a number of different levels. The body is made up of 90% water, and therefore it is an essential ingredient for us. Not only does it help with cleansing the digestive system and the blood, it improves circulation of the blood, increases our oxygen intake and breaksdown fat in the body and flushes it out…A fateful error of most dieters is to remain on the same level of calories all the way throughout their diet plan.What you have to remember is when you begin to lose weight, you have to adjust the number of calories you ingest. I would say on a monthly basis, this needs to happen. Refer to your nutritionist for further advise on how far to adjust your calorie intake.Also important is to put more exercise into your routine whenever you hit a plateau, this will kick start the old fat reserves and produce more energy which will not only take off the inches and pounds but give you more vigour and energy also.To your weightloss success…Colette Morris SAC Dipl. (Diet &Nutrition)